Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving thanks.

Coffee, thank you for tasting so good and helping me through my mornings. 

Stephenie Meyer, thank you for Twilight and hours of mindless entertainment.

Facebook, thank you for helping me keep in touch with people. 

U of M football team, thank you for losing to OSU this year. It'll feel that much better when we do eventually beat them.

DVR, thank you for making it so easy to record the (way too many) TV shows that I love.

Doug and Kevin, thank you for joining the family. I hope you don't mind being referred to as chickadees and Sullivan girls.

Annie, thank you for remembering that I wanted something from the Google shop and getting me the Blogger sweatshirt. That was really sweet.

Mollie, thank you for consulting me on matters of style. I always consider you to have more style than me, so it feels really good.

Mom, thank you for giving me Grandma Otto's sewing machine. It means a lot to have something of hers.

Dad, thank you for reading this blog and talking about books with me. I love you.

Colin, thank you for everything.

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