Saturday, July 18, 2009

Peacock feather feadband!

I was in Ann Arbor with Annie and Doug a week before their wedding, helping them pick out thank-you gifts. We had a lot of fun choosing t-shirts for a friend of theirs in Urban Outfitters. While they were checking out, I tried on some headbands. I absolutely fell in love with this peacock feather one. The price tag ($24) was a little steep, so I had to walk away.

I enlisted the help of Colin and the advice of one of my craftier friends Lisa. After one failed attempt and a lot of disappointment, we finally made one successfully! It took some fabric, spray-on craft glue, super glue, feathers, a headband and a lot of patience. And look! You can tell it's handmade, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, yes?

In order to make your own:

1. Get supplies! We got the peacock feathers and spray-on glue at Jo-Ann Fabrics for a total of $7, and bought a plain thin headband at Rite Aid for cheap. I had scrap felt and super glue at home already.

2. Trim the peacock feathers. The scissors I used were a little dull, and I recommend using sharper scissors for better results.

3. Spray the glue onto the back of a feather, and press it down onto the felt. Let it dry, and then glue on the other feathers one at a time. I chose to replicate the pattern of the Urban Outfitters headband, but I think this could be pretty in a lot of different patterns.

4. Let the feathers dry completely on the felt, and then trim the piece of felt. I think it's safer to trim the felt after applying the feathers, but you could try it either way.

5. Try on the headband in front of a mirror. Hold the feather applique up to it to make sure you know where you want to attach it.

6. Apply the super glue to the headband, and put the feather applique on top. I held it in place for a few minutes, and then let it sit for half an hour before actually trying it on. So far, it's holding!

7. Wear your headband and look super-cute!


The Stevers said...

love this!! I'm always up for a new crafty challenge. :)

Magnolia said...

Awesome! I think Clare definitely needs one. :)

Mollie said...

So pretty! I'm very impressed!